Benefits of Taekwondo


Children and Teens need self-confidence to stand up to bullies, make good decisions and succeed in school. Adults need that same self-confidence to succeed at work. The positive, motivating atmosphere at Village Taekwondo helps children, teens and adults set and achieve goals.


Of the many mental benefits this skill imparts is the ability to develop and maintain self discipline in life itself.  The ability to discipline yourself to focus on realistic goals is a great benefit of martial arts training that helps you succeed in every aspect of life as well.  The ability to control our emotions, our desires and our reactions can be a huge asset both in personal and professional life. However, it is a very difficult to attain this state of balance and control; but with regular practice of martial arts, it is indeed possible.


Respect yourself and others.  Respect means “taking someone else’s feelings, needs, thoughts and ideas into consideration”.   It means treating people, places, and things like they are special.  It also means admiring others and honoring their wishes and knowledge.  And  finally, when dealing with others, you take their position into account.

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Our Instructors

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What our clients say

Mr. Weislogel is an incredible instructor. He is extremely patient with the students and respects each one of them. My son has grown leaps and bounds because of Mr. Weislogel’s instruction techniques. Two of the most important values, in my opinion, that Mr. Weislogel has helped teach my son, are respect and confidence. Always even keeled with a smile on his face, Mr. Weislogel is passionate about taekwondo and only wants the best for his students.

Scott R.

Mr. Weislogel has been a primary instructor to my two sons since they began Taekwondo as white belts. From the first day of class, it was obvious from his instant and easy rapport with my children that he enjoys working with his students. He models integrity, responsibility and enthusiasm in all of his classes and as a result, inspires those qualities in his students. I appreciate the positive role model he is for my children. In fact, when my son was asked to choose a hero for a school project, he chose Mr. Weislogel!

Sheila D.

Thank you so much for all that you are doing for [my children].  They finally found a sport that they can’t wait to attend every day…what a fantastic program you have.

Tracy T.