August Testing

August Rank Testing

Testing is on the 11th and 12th of August.  The registration dead-line is August 3rd.  If you are unable to attend the formal testing, color belts have the option of testing during their normal class time the week before.  We highly recommend students test at their regular testing if possible.

  • Friday, Aug. 11   –   6:30pm  –  Teens / Adults, All Junior Red Belts and up
  • Saturday, Aug. 12   –   9:45am  –  Little Dragons
  • Saturday, Aug. 12   –   10:45am  –  All Juniors White thru Sr. Brown Belts
  • Monday, Aug.  14   –   6:30pm  –  Award Ceremony

Yellow Belts that will be going to Orange Belt will need to purchase gear.  The total is $140 (with 10% discount) plus tax, or $149.80 total.

New Black Belts will need to purchase a heavy weight uniform when they are a 1st Decided Black Belt.  The heavy weight uniform is optional for Probationary and Recommended Black Belts.  $130 + $9.10 tax