National Tournament – January 2018 – Columbus, OH

National Tournament – January 2018, Columbus, OH

The January Nationals are coming to Columbus.  It will be at the convention center in downtown in Columbus on January 26 and 27.  High rank testing is at 1:00 pm on Friday, Jan. 26.  High rank competition begins at 5:30 pm on Friday, Jan. 26.  Competition times and ring assignments are posted below along with a map.

At this National Tournament we have a few very special additions.  On Friday Jan. 26 at 5:00 pm Mr. Jason Byrd from Indianapolis, IN will be doing a demonstration and receiving his 7th Degree Black Belt.  And at 2:00 pm on Saturday, January 27 Mr. Michael Dominach from Independence, KY will be doing a demonstration and receiving his 7th Degree Black Belt.

Competition Times:  Make sure you arrive at your assigned ring at least 5 minutes early.

Lauren Bliss Ring 12 9:00am 1st Decided
Joe Brodman Ring 2 11:15am Blue
Katelyn Brodman Ring 2 12:30pm Sr. Purple
Ethan Case Ring 11 11:45am Sr. Brown
Abbie Craig Ring 13 11:30am Sr. Blue
Ethan Crouse Ring 12 12:30pm Sr. Orange
Ellie Dunham Ring 4 12:30pm Purple
Dylan Ellis Ring 4 12:30pm Sr. Purple
Mason Graber Ring 16 11:00am Blue
Layla Graeff Ring 11 9:00am Recommended
Chethan Gudaru Ring 7 1:00pm Green
Suparn Gudaru Ring 11 9:00am 1st Senior
Mason Harper Ring 1 10:00am Recommended
Nikhil Kasam Ring 1 10:00am 1st Senior
Anish Kuppa Ring 3 10:00am 1st Senior
Soumitra Lahiri Ring 15 6:30pm 3rd Degree
Sudipta Lahiri Ring 9 10:00am 1st Senior
Oliver Mikalas Ring 3 1:30pm Yellow
Drew Schlageter Ring 12 11:30am Sr. Brown
Afraz Shajahan Ring 10 12:15pm Green
Owen Sheridan Ring 15 9:00am 1st Decided
Whit Sheridan Ring 11 9:00am 1st Decided
Shanyu Tiwari Ring 3 12:30pm Sr. Purple
Jessica Weislogel Ring 14 5:30pm 3rd Decided
Dylan Yang Ring 11 10:30am 2nd Decided
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