Introducing TKD FIT!

Get a KICK out of your workouts with TKD FIT!   Let us help you get started on your fitness goals and come workout with us.  We are combining a parents fitness class with the regular teen/adult class in January and February.  The TKD FIT! program incorporates the workout, target drills, and bag drills without any of the traditional curriculum.  (No foms, sparring or rank testing.)

Parents, I invite you to come workout with us Monday through Thursday at 7:30 pm and noon on Saturday.  No matter what your current fitness level, whether you are just getting off the couch or currently doing a regular fitness program, we’ll get you in shape with a great 30 – 45 minute workout that incorporates both cardio and strength training.  It’s free for the first two months and only $40 per month after that!  That means NO EXCUSES….   right?  There is nothing better than “Group Therapy” (kicking and punching targets) to keep you motivated and on track.  Parents in the past have said it is almost like having a personal trainer in a group workout setting.   So make the commitment to get in great shape and try out our all new TKD FIT! program.  Come workout with your spouse, your kids (if they are in the teen class), or just by yourself.

(As part of the program, we will pass along valuable diet and exercise tips and information to help you reach your goals.)

We hope to see you all on the floor with us the next couple months.

Mr. David Weislogel
Village Taekwondo

Wear sweats and a t-shirt.  You’ll also need bag gloves which can be ordered here.